HWS - HEINRICH WAGNER SINTO has designed, manufactured and commissioned various types of equipment for the foundry industry in the course of their company history.
During the last three decades, this mainly comprised moulding machines and moulding plants as well as pouring units. Most of the delivered equipment has been in operation for decades, either in first or in second hand, which is on the one hand rooted in foundry-appropriate, solid engineering and on the other hand in the proper maintenance carried out by their operators. In order to support the latter, the HWS Customer Support & Service (CS&S) provides a wide scope of supplies and services:
a) Standard components, in-house production of custom-made products
b) Spare and wear parts from own production
c) Wide range of spare and wear parts of well-known sub-suppliers, often at special rates
a) Own production in emergency situations within 24 hours (or less)
b) Optional 24h online modem service for issues of electronics and programming of control system
c) Maintenance and inspection, including status report and recommendations
d) Modifications and modernisations (mechanics, hydraulics, electrics, control systems)
e) Support in moulding technology
This program refers to the HWS moulding plant technology (SEIATSU air-flow squeeze process, Aeration moulding process, flaskless moulding machines, vacuum moulding process) as well as pouring and accessory equipment that are market-leading in various sectors thanks to innovative and proven technologies.
We will gladly assist you with respect to the expertise and the modification of "third-party products" as many manufacturers have meanwhile no longer been present on the market and therefore the procurement of spare parts is in many cases only possible by modifications. Please ask for our relevant list of references.
In addition to the known direct dials, you can reach our department CS&S as follows:
Phone: +49 (0) 2752 907-300
Fax: +49 (0) 2752 907- 355