SEIATSU Twin Moulding Machine ZFA-S

The ZFA-S is a machine on which a complete mould box pair is produced at each operating cycle. In principle, it is made up of two single moulding machines, tightly assembled together on a machine frame. The mould boxes are pushed through the machine in line in pairs, in a double length movement. A lifting table lifts the pattern plates, mould boxes and filling frames under the two sand dosing devices, with which the mould areas are filled with a predetermined quantity of sand. The dosing device then moves in a shuttle movement under the sand filling unit, and the press crowns move over the mould boxes. After compacting, the patterns are lowered. In order to accelerate pattern changes, the machine can be equipped with a pattern shuttle carriage. All functions for the manufacture of the moulds are preset in a programme control.

The Twin Moulding Automatic ZFA-S is employed on moulding lines for very high rates of production.

Machine typeZFA-S2          SFA-S3          ZFA-S4          ZFA-S5          ZFA-S6
Flask size (mm)          500 x 400650 x 500800 x 6501000 x 8001250 x 1000
Throughputs (molds/hour)250250200180160