SEIATSU Moulding Machine EFA-SD

The EFA-SD is a machine that can be applied for all normal flask sizes. The machine is equipped with a turntable and moulds cope and drag boxes in rapid sequence. The mould boxes are passed through the machine in line. A lifting table lifts the pattern plate, mould box and filling frame underneath the opening of the sand dosing device that fills the mould area with a controlled quantity of sand. The dosing device makes a shuttle movement to the sand loading unit and the crown of the press moves over the mould box. After compacting, the pattern is lowered. All functions for the manufacture of the mould are controlled by a preset programme.

The single moulding automatic EFA-SD is used exclusively in automatic moulding lines.

Machine typeEFA-SD2          EFA-SD3          EFA-SD4          EFA-SD5          EFA-SD6          EFA-SD7
Flask size (mm)          500 x 400650 x 500800 x 6501000 x 8001250 x 10001600 x 1250
Throughputs (molds/hour)14014012012010080