SEIATSU Moulding Machine EFA-S

The EFA-S is a machine for the automatic manufacture of large moulds at moderate moulding speeds. The mould boxes are pushed through the machine in line. A lifting table lifts the pattern plate, mould box and filling frame to a position underneath the opening of the sand dosing device, with which the mould space is filled with a controlled quantity of sand. The dosing device then moves in a shuttle movement to a position under the sand loading unit, and the crown of the press moves over the mould box. After compacting, the pattern is lowered. The machine can be equipped with a pattern shuttle trolley enabling cope and drag boxes to be produced in sequence. All functions for the manufacture of the moulds are controlled via a preset programme.

The single moulding automatic EFA-S is applied exclusively in automatic moulding lines.

Machine type:EFA-S5          EFA-S6          EFA-S7          EFA-S8          EFA-S9
Flask size (mm)          1000 x 8001250 x 10001600 x 12502000 x 16002500 x 2000
Throughputs (molds/hour)6050403020