SEIATSU Moulding Machine DAFM-S

The DAFM-S is a machine for the automatic manufacture of large moulds at moderate moulding speeds. The flasks are pushed through the machine in line. To fill with sand, an empty flask lying on its pattern is rolled in front of the machine. This allows manual intervention in the open mould. The machine can be equipped with a pattern shuttle system so as to enable it to produce cope and drag boxes alternately.

The DAFM-S can be used in moulding lines with the most varied degrees of mechanisation, up to and including automatic moulding lines.

Machine typeDAFM-S5          DAFM-S6          DAFM-S7          DAMF-S8          DAFM-S9
Flask size (mm)          1000 x 8001250 x 10001600 x 12502000 x 16002500 x 2000
Throughputs (molds/hour)5040302010