SEIATSU Moulding Machine HSP-D

HSP-D Moulding machines are a variation of the well establish HSP Moulding Machines and are suitable for use in automatic moulding lines. The cope and drag boxes are produced in sequence. For this purpose, the HSP-D Moulding Machines are equipped with a turntable on which the two mould box halves are held. The mould boxes pass through the machine in line underneath the compacting equipment. To fill with sand, an empty mould box is collected from the pattern plate belonging to it, and swung outwards. Simultaneously, a mould box filled with sand enters the machine on its pattern plate. The box is raised, compacted and, after the pattern has been lowered the box is conveyed into the mould line.

HSP-D Machines have their own hydraulic system and can therefore be run independently of the drive of any associated equipment, in forming lines with a variety of degrees of mechanisation, up to and including automatic moulding lines.

Machine typeHSP-1D          HSP-2D          HSP-3D          HSP-4D
Flask size (mm)          650 x 500800 x 6501000 x 8001250 x 1000