SEIATSU Moulding Machine HSP

HSP Moulding Machines are self contained units with integrated hydraulic system and electronic control. The cope and drag boxes are produced in sequence. The HSP Moulding Machines are equipped with two tables for this purpose, arranged diametrically opposed around a central pillar so that each can be turned through 180°. Mould box half changeover and sand filling takes place in the lift-off station, whilst the other mould half is being compacted in the machine. The conveying system for the mould boxes passes along the front face of the machine.

The machine is used in simple mechanised moulding stations for small and medium batches.

Machine type                    HSP1          HSP2          HSP3
Flask size (mm) 650 x 500800 x 6501000 x 800
Throughput (moulds/hour) 352518