Flaskless moulding line FBO III • IV

Heinrich Wagner Sinto have extended their product range with a new generation of moulding lines in the FBO range. The lines are for the production of horizontally parted flaskless moulds.

Rapid availability.
FBO machines are supplied as turnkey projects and installed at floor level. A foundation pit may be required in some cases, depending on the installation site. The installation of the additional lifting and transporting equipment needs very little time and presents no problems so that the complete system is rapidly available for production.

Operating personnel is quickly trained.
FBO machines and their controls are ergonomically designed and operator friendly. The control and monitoring of the machine cycle is realized by using an operator’s control panel with a monitor, and training is completed within a few operating hours.

Drag box shuttle.
A shuttle system enables the drag box to roll out of the machine for safe insertion of the core under good ergonomic working conditions.

High compaction and outstanding mould quality.
The sand filling system facilitates the production of accurate moulds using bentonite bonded moulding sand. The automatic pressure control mechanism of the sand inlet and pressing unit ensures even sand compaction, guaranteeing high quality production of complicated castings even if these involve deep pockets and thin walls.

The compaction process allows the height of the upper and lower mould sections to be varied independently of each other.

This significantly reduces sand consumption, improving economy (optimising the casting / sand ratio). 

High productivity.
The FBO moulding machine can produce moulds between 900 x 700 mm and 500 x 400 mm at rates from 80 to 160 moulds per hour.

Environment friendly technology.
The self-contained system avoids over-filling with sand, thus providing a clean working environment and humane working conditions. In the development of the compaction system and the mechanical handling system, special attention was given to keep the noise levels to a minimum. FBO lines meet all present day demands for environment friendly technology.

FBO moulding lines of modular construction.
To enable the capacity of the FBO machines to be fully utilised, a special mechanical handling system of modular design was developed.

The complete installation consists of the following components:

• Flaskless moulding machine FBO
• Transporting system of mould packages
• Weights, jackets andjacket cleaners
• Weights and jacket transfer units
• Mould package push-off device
• Automatic control system

• Increasing production is possible by the installationof a second FBO moulding machine
• Extension of the capacity of the mechanical handlingsystem
• Core setting unit
• Pattern plate heating