AERATION Moulding Machine ACE

Moulds of excellent quality
ACE is capable to produce thinner and lighter
castings by minimizing the pattern draft, on account
of its superior quality of mould with a uniform
density and a high strength, as well as of its fine
mould stripping property.
Energy saving
Energy consumption is reduced by approx. 60 %.
Greatly contributing to the curtailment of running
Reduction of spill sand
Spill sand during sand filling is literally "0". The
volume of sand required for filling a mould is
precisely controlled by "feed back" system so that
the sand scraped off from mould back face by sand
cutter is drastically reduced.
Low noise
Equivalent noise level less than 80 dB(A). Comfortable
working environment without vibration.
Splashing of parting agent is prevented
As the parting agent spray is performed inside
the sealed moulding flask, there is no splashing of
parting agent. The consumption is reduced.
Compact size
The size of ACE is very compact. It requires no pit.
ACE is applicable to the replacement needs for most
of existing moulding machines.