SEIATSU Airflow Squeeze technology

Since 1983 hws have used exclusively the SEIATSU Airflow Squeeze technology for moulding clay bonded sand.

Process Characteristics
The loose moulding sand is filled into the mould area formed by pattern plate/pattern bolster, mould box and filling frame. An air current is passed through and then the mould is compacted. The air current flows through the sand from the back of the mould in the direction of the pattern and escapes through vents in the pattern plate. The air current moves the sand into the less accessible regions of the pattern and greatly improves and optimises compaction.

The final strength in the mould is built up in an after-pressing stage, using a fixed or a flexible pressure plate, a water cushion or a multi-platen press. The magnitude of the press pressure, as well as the pressure and duration of the air current can be controlled. This enables optimum mould strengths to be achieved to suit the individual application.

- High and even compression of the entire sand mould
- Complex and extreme pattern shapes fully formed
- Reduced pattern taper
- Reduced gaps between the pattern and the mould box wall or adjacent patterns
- Reduced fettling costs, resulting from castings with minimum finn and excellent surface finish.
- SEIATSU = low noise moulding, environmentally friendly and vibration free with a noise level below 85 dB(A).